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Call for speakers

Share your knowledge and expertise on stage

The key to creating the future of agrifood is education, especially fo emerging markets. Speakers will be sharing knowledge and expertise to facilitate all regions to become self sufficient but at the same time to also improve cross country and continental trade and collaboration. Discussion and presentation will be centred around key themes such as value chain integration, cost competitiveness, regional trade flows and policies, market led value chain development strategies, farmer productivity, cross country and continental collaboration as well as current case studies.

We are looking for expert speakers from:

  • Governmental agricultural departments

  • Development finance institutions

  • Banks, funds and financiers

  • Trade associations and investment agencies

  • Agribusinesses, distributors and agents 

  • Agro-processors and retailers

  • Co-ops, farmers union and

  • Food manufacturers / processors

  • Large scale and commercial farmers

  • Agriculture technology providers

  • Shipping and logistics companies

  • Economists and analyst

  • Importers and exporters

  • Inspection services and certification

  • Insurance and risk companies

  • Lawyers and consultants

  • Research and academic institutions

  •  Chambers of commerce

To nominate a speaker, nominate yourself or submit a case study, get in touch

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